The crossroads of Marketing and HR: Why this partnership will work for your organization?

  1. Hire only “A” players and not just adequate talent. The leaders preferred working by themselves rather than fixing the subordinates’ mistakes all the time
  2. A clear track record, likability, and work ethic would any day trump inadequacy of skills
  1. Weave branding into HR communications
  2. Keep your voice consistent across platforms
  3. Create content assets that promote work culture
  4. Leverage marketing channels for promotion
  5. Build employee advocacy by adhering to norms
  1. Work with marketing on creating content as they own the social presence of a brand
  2. Exchange ideas with marketing and roll-out strategies in the best interest of the brand
  3. Promote employer branding with images and videos created 4. using tools like Canva and a video maker like Animaker
  4. Maintain brand voice while responding to job opportunity queries through social media
  1. Understand the employee advocacy policies
  2. Measure how the strategy is impacting your recruitment goals
  3. Create content by consulting marketing so that it works well across different social media channels
  1. Utilize their expertise in the stream of content creation and designing
  2. Target the right people with data at the disposal of the marketing team
  3. Measure the metrics of the newsletter performance and tweak strategies
  1. Making careers page more casual and realistic with images of real people and the workstations
  2. A paid component can also be a part of HR strategies and they can collaborate with marketing to understand the different channels
  3. Creation of culture videos to be promoted on social channels, embedded on websites, and added in email signatures. 4. Marketing can help with conceptualizing and scripting
  4. Elevating the portal UIs with a good design that aligns with the brand
  1. Brainstorm and adopt the right approach
  2. Promote the content effectively across channels
  3. Measure the success of the campaign



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Nandhini TS

Nandhini TS

Product Marketer | Content Creator | Creator of The Digitaldyno. Sticky notes and bulky planners make me happy!