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Content creation is an overwhelming task.

As much as writing and researching is fun, the fear of to commit to deadlines, being diverse in the format of content you create and being watchful of how many content creations has been dispatched from your end from time-to-time creates quite the anxiety feels.

As content creators, we’re all familiar with the scenes of a gazillion post-it notes stuck on walls, endless-unrealistic tasks bulleted down our journals, setting weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals.

Now, I am not going to introduce to the concept of the content calendar, as it has been around for quite a while now and most of us are putting them to use to escape the chaos and feel more clarity in the road ahead of us.

In this blog post, in addition to helping you with a free content calendar, I will help you frame a working content matrix, with which you need to fill out your calendar.

What is a content Matrix?
The ideal Content Matrix: 4 Quadrants to consider

Content needs to be diverse. Depending on the medium through which content gets distributed and the kind of audience that consume it, content format varies. A content matrix caters to the different audience segment, distribution channel, content type, and the purpose.

Target Audience

Distribution Channel


The Purpose

A quick guide on how to use the matrix.

All four quadrants can be mapped and cross-referenced before you decide to create a piece of content. The examples mentioned in each quadrant are only samples and is not the exhaustive list.

The ideal way to proceed before you decide to write a piece of content is to decide on who will be consuming your content. Depending on the objective and the industry in which you operate and the takers for your product or solution, you’d come up with the target audience.

Here’s a quick guide on content marketing tools + Free printable checklist to simplify your Q2 efforts.The Content Calendar for August — December 2019.
Access here: Free Content Calendar Template

Once, you freeze the audience you are willing to target, considering carious demographic data, like designations, age, gender, decision-makers and more, you need to decide on the of content you create.

Yes, you read that right. The content type is influenced by the type of audience who reads your content.

Once you fix your Q1 and Q2, you must decide the Q3 and Q4. The distribution channel you have chosen and the purpose of the content.

Here’s the free content calendar that you can use for the rest of 2019 with in-built content matrix and calendar template.

I hope you found this helpful and if you have anything to share, do leave a comment below!

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