Emotional Triggers In Marketing: How To Befriend Your Customers And Talk Their Language

What is emotional marketing?

What are the types of emotional triggers?

How do these emotions play a role in your marketing efforts?

Anger as an emotional trigger

Anticipation as an emotional trigger

Joy as an emotional trigger

Trust as an emotional trigger

Fear as an emotional trigger

Surprise as an emotional trigger

Disgust as an emotional trigger

Sadness as an emotional trigger

How to infuse emotions into your marketing

1. Use data to understand your customers: Master the art of listening

2. Visual cues that appeal to different emotions



  • Graphic elements — Glossy graphic elements that include vector images, icons, brand logos, etc evoke a sense of cheerfulness.
  • Gifs — Depending on the context, gifs can evoke different emotions, but, generally, it is used for light-hearted humor and subtle joy.
  • Memes — This is typically used to make your brand seem friendly and relatable through humor as an element.

Create realistic videos

3. Emotions associated with other content types


Social proof

  • Positive reviews
  • Awards and recognitions
  • Customer testimonials
  • Influencer endorsements
  • Social media following
  • Number of users/customers
  • Case studies
  • UGC content

Podcasts and audiobooks




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