Common 5 PIM challenges | Capabilities to replace your PIM Solution | PIMworks

2. The perennial shift to a new model

The most challenging thing about PIM is the transition phase. We are talking about huge volumes of product information, digital assets, and such data vastly spread over multiple ERP systems, spreadsheets, and databases. If you see the potential in PIM and the good it can do for your business, the transition from your traditional ways of managing day-to-day business communications and product data interactions are up for a disrupting change.

3. Keeping pace with the changes

Product data management becomes holistic and becomes a unified infrastructure only when you are able to manage information even after syndication.

4. It does not offer actionable insights

PIM will just help you store and manage product information. Once your data is syndicated to different channels, you cannot analyze and infer insights from the data. PIM does not show you how the product data has performed, gain control over the metrics and implement strategies based upon such data.



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