An Evergreen Guide to Facebook Marketing | 60 Second Marketer @AskJamieTurner

Identify your goals and target audience

Like any other marketing strategy, your Facebook marketing plan also needs to begin with defining your target audience. This builds the foundation for everything you do with your page — content, ad campaigns, your tone, and more.

  1. Chart out the demographics — age, gender, geography, education, occupation
  2. The interests of your audience on certain activities and topics
  3. Audience behavior that includes hobbies and websites they spend time on
  4. The pain points of your target audience and how they use Facebook
  • Lead generation
  • Improve website traffic
  • Distribute content
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reap good ROI from FB ads
  • Create a loyal community

Facebook page optimization

What kind of business pages are you attracted to?

  • Name your pages appropriately — The first thing a visitor or the search engine for that matter considers is the name of your Facebook page. Don’t get all geeky and give a generic keyword as the name for your page because it does not help. Your Facebook page needs to be branded. Give a brand name that reflects the kind of work you do and the personality of your brand
  • Customize your vanity URL — On creating your pages, Facebook sets a default URL for your pages. Go to page info and customize your web address in such a way that it matches your page title
  • Update all the information — Make sure there’s an avatar, cover page, about page, CTA button, featured content. While adding a description about your page, make sure to add important keywords so that you are searchable. Optimize URL, page title, and “About us” with keywords but refrain from stuffing

Come up with an intelligent content mix

Tip: Posting content on Facebook that is promotional does not favor the Facebook algorithm. Therefore, educate more and sell less.

Tools and resources:

  • Animaker: Since videos are an important part of your content mix, you can utilize Animaker’s Facebook video maker to create videos. This tool supports live and animation videos. You can also create gifs, memes, and video infographics using Animaker for free.
  • Buffer: Managing different content formats and posting consistently all through the year is quite overwhelming. A tool like Buffer can help you automate the process and schedule your posts.
  • Hubspot: You need a calendar that’ll help you set a pattern and keep the content rolling. It is also easy to track the progress and stay accountable to your plan and execution. Hubspot’s content calendar is a good place to start.
  • Picmaker: This is a good tool to create posters for Facebook. There are good templates for you to get started. You can choose custom dimensions for Facebook (940X788) and create posters.

Invest in Facebook ads

Just like how Airbnb was able to triple their ROI with Facebook ads and lower their cost per acquisition by 47%, you can too.

  1. Plan your budget. Know what’s the expected ROI and work backward towards setting the budget and getting the creatives ready
  2. Decide on whether it is going to be a video ad promoting an offer or a whitepaper for building thought leadership or brand building through CSR content
  3. Run your ads and collect data. Based on the data (key metrics include impressions, cost of acquisition, and click-throughs) you can revisit your strategies

Number of active advertisers on Facebook from 1st quarter 2016 to 1st quarter 2020 (in millions)

Weigh, measure, and analyze

It is important to periodically track and measure how your efforts are channelized. This will give you insights into what your audiences love and what they don’t so that you can review and tweak your strategies.

Wrapping Up

If you are just venturing out into Facebook marketing, organic reach and ads would be daunting at first. But, when you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to scale up your marketing game.



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