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For years, Mailchimp has been the go-to for email marketing needs. Founded in 2001, Mailchimp has grown its user base to more than 11 million.

They’ve made a significant mark in the email marketing space by expanding their product features to build sites, business intelligence, social media management, and more.

For a product that’s so massive, there are still some concerns among its users that make us think if Mailchimp should pass on the crown.

Before we look at the problems with Mailchimp, let’s look at the pros of the tool:

What’s your recruitment goal?

Before we hop onto the article, I’d like you to grab a pen and paper or your digital note-taking app and write this down.

Your answer can be a couple of points (but keep it broad and powerful).

The HR journey works in a circular loop starting from recruitment, onboarding, training, performance management, engagement, promotion, farewell, and recruitment again. Without clear goals, it is hard to consistently hire and retain the best talents.

HR is not a one-person job. It is a cross-functional role that needs working along with the entire length and breadth of the…


A place where customers hang out often and grab their lattes and mochas frequently from the store outlets.

Why do they prefer paying quite a price for Starbucks coffee so frequently while it can be made at home?

Unlike certain products that cater to a premium class of customers or some that make products affordable for all, Starbucks is not about who can afford their products.

They chased the experiences and emotions, instead.

Think about it.

The aromatic coffee breeze that hits you while walking past the store, the cozy ambiance for you to work while having a bite…

We all know how Airbnb has disrupted the travel and tourism industry once and for all with a refreshing concept back in 2008. For a company that was so unique with its product and approach, cracking the Facebook marketing game was no rocket science.

They were able to buck the possibility of retargeting ads and were cited by Facebook themselves as a success story.

What makes Airbnb a dream destination (pun intended) for any aspirant of Facebook marketing is how they blend organic and paid reach in their marketing mix.

A single quote can refresh our thoughts and instantly gear us up to change the way we approach things. More so when it is from experts and influencers.

It’s only true that if you feel laid back at work and come across a quote motivating you to hustle, you’d pull your sock up and hustle away.

YouTube and Facebook are the most widely used platforms for video marketing by businesses and what’s better than hearing about it from the experts themselves!

So, here’s a list of awesome quotes from six video marketing experts to help you amp up your efforts.

#1 James Wedmore

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It is hard to imagine those times when videos were not a part of the marketing strategies and content plan. Have you ever wondered how companies used to communicate with their customers, do the brand building, create support collateral, and launch products in the past?

A brief history of videos in marketing

Well, videos were not quite as accessible to all the marketers in the 1900’s. The first video commercial was done way back in 1941 for a brand called Bulova. …

More than three decades ago, becoming an entrepreneur was not for everyone. It required a great deal of investment, the need to move out of the comfort zone, and a workforce. Fast forward to 2020 — a person in sweatpants with nocturnal working patterns binge-watching Netflix during the day can become an entrepreneur too.

Most of this has been possible because of the dotcom bubble and the ease of doing magic in your work from the comfort of your house. …

It was half past one and I was starving.

My taste buds were craving for lasagna.

I quickly made an online order and in exactly 18 minutes my lasagna was delivered.

As I was about to devour this gorgeous food, the layers caught my attention.

I thought about it — the layering was done with such taste, craft, method, and grace.


The marketer in me could not stop thinking about how closely this is related to segmentation in email marketing.

Think about it.

A layer of thin pasta sauce on the bread, cooked lasagna noodles stacked upon another layer…

Customers evaluate a restaurant on aspects beyond food. Things like Instagram lifestyle, love for pretty decors, and quality of dining experience are some factors that qualify a fine dine experience and thereby good reviews and ratings.

90% of diners value online reviews as much as the opinions of their friends and family.

Now, good reviews not only help in attracting more customers but it adds strategic values to your business too. It helps you build a strong competitive edge, easily introduce new brands and product lines, improve overall credibility and investment opportunities.

The foundation of a good brand reputation drills…

Elanor is an HR executive at Unicorn marketer. She’s been involved in the recruitment process for six years now. Every year they do a campus drive at the most prestigious college in Chicago. They’re always on the look for a promising candidate for a challenging role as a Digital Marketer. Elanor has been maintaining a spreadsheet of rejected candidates for the same post and logging the reasons for rejection as well.

The reasons read as follows — lack of analytical and writing skills, poor communication, showed no scope for management abilities, and so on.

So, the above scenario is a…

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