5 Signs to evaluate that your Organization Needs a PIM | PIMworks

2. Better customer experience has been your ultimate goal

Recommended read: You must definitely read this guide to learn how product data is the cornerstone of amazing customer experience. Buying cycle is a closely knitted loop that comprises of the awareness stage, the decision-making stage, and the consideration stage.

3. Looking to quickly expand channels

Is the data volume the biggest hindrance for your expansion dreams? Well, it should be. Turns out, your customers are shopping across different channels including marketplaces, your own online retail store, social media, etc.

4. You’ve been eyeing on omnichannel for a while now

Omnichannel is a trend that is catching-up and it would be inevitable to give your customers the ease of shopping experience. You give the customers the ease of shopping by letting them pick up exactly from where they left. If a buyer has visited a physical store and looks it up in the online store, you may want to guide them to the product page of the product they were interested in. Also a series of follow-ups on social media and other display advertising. At every touchpoint, you enable a purchase.



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